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Varenummer DBO 57/45
  • Smeraldo
  • Smeraldo
  • Smeraldo
39,00 DKK

Hög ljusgrön fantastisk skärböna. Platta trådfria bönor med mycket smak och fin konsistens.

Mycket produktiv planta och det finns massor av fröer i denna 40 grams förpackning.

Så här har kunder sagt om Smeraldo hos vår kollega i USA.

These beans are the best I have ever tasted. I like them much better than the super marconi variety. They stay more tender, taste better, and have white seeds, rather than black. I just wish you could offer a choice of sizes. I am sure many people would love to order 1/4 pound, 1/2 pound, or even more at time. Could this be arranged? Love your company, by the way!

I have been growing these beans for years, and they are simply the sweetest, most productive beans I have ever grown. People beg me for bags of them. The plants grow quite tall and produce over a very long period. I don't bother growing bush beans anymore either because Smeraldo grow so quickly I typically can get quite an early crop for a pole bean. Unlike other beans that people often cook al dente, you must cook this bean fully to bring out its sweetness and proper texture. Provide ample and sturdy trellises for this bean and plant seeds a bit further apart given the large vigorous vine.

I can't believe the tender texture of these large beans and they are tender at great size too. They have a great beany taste too. This has been a terrible year in the garden with all the rain, but beans have done fairly well. I will grow these every year. I always plant some bush beans to produce first but these Smeraldos started producing at the same time as the bush beans.
I'm so glad to have found them.

40 gram - Admin: Kantorparken 15 - 2400 København NV - Telefon 91923500 (man-fre kl. 10-12) - E-mail - CVR 27855865
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